Dr Hembry has worked with RGCC (Research Genetic Cancer Centre) in Greece since 2005 and is currently co-Director of RGCC Europe N&W Ltd, which facilitates the provision of RGCC tests (particularly for circulating tumour cells and chemo-sensitivity testing) in the region of north and west Europe.

RGCC is a specialist medical genetics company and leading expert in the field of cancer genetics, liquid biopsy and chemosensitivity tests. They provide personalised cancer genetics tests for doctors and patients worldwide in their ISO-accredited laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technology and specialised software for data analysis.

They aim to detect any potential early signs of cancer, monitor existing cancers and produce a personalised profile of chemotherapy drugs and natural treatments that could benefit individual patients.

Detailed information on the services offered is available from www.rgcc-international.com or by telephoning 0117 302 1506. Alternatively, if you would like to email an enquiry, please use the contact form below.