Consultations are conducted in person at Litfield House Medical Centre and by telephone (follow up consultations only). Patients are always asked to attend their first consultation in person at the clinic as well as any annual review. Other consultations may be by telephone if preferred.

During the COVID-19 crisis, new patient consultations in person have been temporarily suspended until it is in everyone’s best interest to return to the clinic. Remote consultations by telephone are being offered to all existing patients in the meantime.

A full new patient consultation is for 90 minutes and costs £275, including post-consultation correspondence.

Follow-up consultations are £95 (15 minutes telephone only) and £150 (30 minutes). Longer consultations may be arranged by request.

A pre-consultation questionnaire is sent out for completion and return prior to your appointment along with a patient privacy notice.

Correspondence – Dr Hembry routinely writes to the patient’s Consultant and / or GP if she becomes involved in their care. She accepts patients with or without a referral from their doctor.

A cancellation charge of 50% consultation fee will be made for any unattended appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice (except in exceptional circumstances).