Dr Hembry has completed an advanced BHRT and certification program though World-Link Medical in the USA (www.worldlinkmedical.com) and is registered as a certified practitioner. This is an evidence based and CME-approved training (CME = continued medical education).

Dr Hembry is also a member of the British Menopause Society and is attending their formal training courses and conferences.

The main treatments offered by Dr Hembry are bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (by prescription). These are mostly regulated HRT medicines, but she also prescribes compounded hormones if the regulated options are not suitable. Dr Hembry also regularly offers dietary and lifestyle advice and takes a preventative approach to her patients’ health and wellbeing.

Dr Hembry supports women going through the menopause and with post-menopausal symptoms including low libido and uro-genital atrophy. Also, pre-menopausal women with complaints including heavy periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome and pre-menstrual tension. She offers thyroid replacement therapy for patients with hypothyroidism, DHEA and testosterone replacement therapy for men and women with symptoms of deficiency.

Dr Hembry has more experience treating women but does have some male patients and is happy to consider all cases.

The aim of treatment with BHRT is to relieve symptoms of deficiency, improve wellbeing and support healthy ageing.

For more detailed information please contact the office